RELEASED: 7 December 2020
ARTIST: The Rome Pro(G)ject
LABEL: TRP Records
PRODUCER: Vincenzo Ricca

Track List

  • Part I – The unreleased tracks
    I) ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME (V. Ricca/S. Hackett) 3′:49”
    II) BEATEN PATHS (V. Ricca/B. Lanzetti) 5:13”
    III) VERTICAL ILLVSION (V. Ricca/S. Hackett/P. Ricca) 4′:40”
  • Part II – The Rearranged and Vocal Tracks
    IV) APRIL 21st, 753 b. C. (V. Ricca/P. Ricca) 6:49”
    V) CARACALLA’S DREAM (V. Ricca/R. Sinclair) 4:27”
    VI) REFLECTIONS (V. Ricca/J. Hackett) 5′:35”
    VII) A MANKIND HERITAGE (V. Ricca/D. Jackson) 4′:15”
    VIII) OF FATE AND GLORY (V. Ricca /S. Hackett/J. Lehmann Hackett) 6:22”
    IX) S.P.Q.R. (V. Ricca/S. Hackett) 4′:48”
    X) THE ORACLE (V. Ricca/D. Cross) 4′:05”
    XI) 476 a.C. (Song For Wetton) (V. Ricca/D. Cross) 5′:39”
    XII) INVICTVS (V. Ricca/D. Jackson) 5:12”
    XIII) PROEMIVM (Symphonic Version) (N. Magnus) 2′:16”

“The Rome Pro(G)ject IV” are: Vincenzo RICCA keyboards vocals and bass, Steve HACKETT electric guitar, Bernardo LANZETTI vocals, Richard SINCLAIR, John HACKETT flute, David JACKSON saxophones & flutes, Billy SHERWOOD bass and drums, David CROSS electric violin, Nick MAGNUS piano and keyboards, with
Daniele POMO drvms, Roberto VITELLI bass & moog tavrvs, Franck CARDVCCI 12 strings gvitar & bass, Paolo RICCA electric gvitar, Jerry CUTILLO flute, Giorgio CLEMENTELLI acoustic guitar, Mauro MONTOBBIO electric and classic guitars, Luca GROSSO drums, Lorenzo FELICIATI bass, Riccardo ROMANO piano, Danilo CHIARELLA bass, Maurizio MIRABELLI drums. Special gvest appearance by Joanna “Jo” LEHMANN HACKETT and Francesco DI GIACOMO.

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