All Roads Lead To Rome (first part) by V.Ricca & S.Hackett
17 October 2020
The Rome Pro(G)ject II : Seven Hills And A River (Vincenzo Ricca)

From The album :”II – OF FATE AND GLORY”-2016 line-up. Steve Hackett electric and classical guitars David Jackson saxophones and

30 September 2020
The Rome Pro(g)ject – Down To The Domus Aurea ( Steve Hackett )

Alcuni dei nomi piĆ¹ importanti della scena rock progressive per celebrare in musica la grandezza e la bellezza di Roma

30 September 2020
Steve Hackett Billy Sherwood Vincenzo Ricca performing “SPQR” – taken from The Rome Pro(G)ject II

S.P.Q.R. by Vincenzo Ricca / Stephen Richard Hackett p & c TRP Records 2016 Steve Hackett Electric and nylon guitars

30 September 2020
Vincenzo Ricca’s The Rome Pro(G)ject – Trk 2 “EXEGI MONVMENTVM” feat. Steve Hackett & John Hackett

Vincenzo Ricca’s The Rome Pro(G)ject III EXEGI MONVMENTVM AERE PERENNIVS The Rome Pro(G)ject’S new concept album! One and a half

30 September 2020
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