RELEASED: 21 April 2016
ARTIST: The Rome Pro(G)ject
LABEL: TRP Records
PRODUCER: Vincenzo Ricca

The Rome Pro(G)ject are back! Three and ½ years after the huge success of their eponymus debut album, “The Rome Pro(G)ject”, Steve Hackett on guitars (Genesis/Gtr/Solo), David Jackson on winds (VDGG), Billy Sherwood on bass (Yes/Circa/Solo) and Vincenzo Ricca (keyboards), teamed up with a bunch of fantastic musicians, are about to release their second album, “II – Of Fate and Glory”. 66 minutes of instrumental progressive rock in 10 tracks + 1 bonus track. As per its title, this is a (instrumental) story “of fate and glory” about ancient Rome, from its beginning dated 753 b.C., up to its maximum territorial expansion, reached in 117 a.C.,under empereor Traianus, after 870 years of continuous conquests of the known world. Not coincidentally, the cd album has been released on April 21st., on the day of the 2769th anniversary of Rome’s foundation.

Track list

  • 1) OF FATE AND GLORY (V.Ricca/S.Hackett/J.Lehmann) 3’:53”
    2) THE WOLF AND THE TWINS (V.Ricca/W.Sherwood) 3’:38”
    3) THE SEVEN KINGS (V.Ricca) 4’:55”
    4) SEVEN HILLS AND A RIVER (V.Ricca) 13’:12”
    5) FORUM MAGNUM (V.Ricca/D. Jackson) 8’:05”
    6) S.P.Q.R. (V.Ricca/S.Hackett) 6’:00
    7) OVID’S ARS AMATORIA (V.Ricca/D.Jackson) 6’:53”
    8) AUGUSTUS (primus inter pares) (V.Ricca/D.Jackson) 6:19”
    9) HADRIANEUM (V.Ricca/P.Ricca) 3’:35”
    10) THE CONQUEST OF THE WORLD (V.Ricca/W.Sherwood) 4’:48”
    Bonus track
    11) THE PANTHEON’S DOME (V.Ricca/S.Hackett/M.Montobbio) 4’:30”
    “The Rome Pro(G)ject II” are:
    Vincenzo RICCA keyboards, Steve HACKETT electric and classical guitars, David JACKSON saxophones and flutes, Billy SHERWOOD bass, drums and electric guitar with Mauro MONTOBBIO and Luca GROSSO of NARROW PASS, Riccardo ROMANO and Daniele POMO of RANESTRANE, LORENZO FELICIATI, Franck CARDUCCI, Giorgio CLEMENTELLI, Paolo RICCA, Special guest appearance by Joanna “Jo” LEHMANN HACKETT (guiding voice on “Of Fate and Glory”).

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