The Rome Pro(G)ject

The Rome Pro(G)ject

A Musical Walk

Through The History And The Places,

The Greatness And The Beauty

Of The Eternal City

In Twelve Movements

Some of the most important names of the progressive rock scene comment and celebrate in music the greatness and the beauty of Rome in the special event of the 2765th anniversary of Rome’s foundation.

An album conceived by Vincenzo Ricca coming in digipack + a fully colour booklet, to be released November 2012.

Featuring (in alphabetical order)
Francesco Di Giacomo, John Hackett, Steve Hackett, Nick Magnus, Narrow Pass, David Cross, David Jackson, Richard Sinclair, Franck Carducci, Vincenzo Ricca and more…

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Track List (provisional credits)

1. Prologue

2.April 21st 753 b. C.

3. Over 2.000 Fountains

4. Monuments And Statues Everywhere

5. Down To The Domus Aurea

6. In and Around The Colosseum

7. Caracalla’s Dream

8.The Mouth of Truth

9. A Mankind Heritage…

10. …Towards the future

Concept, research, documentation, organization and production: Vincenzo Ricca (Copyright 2009-2012).


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