Steve Hackett Billy Sherwood Vincenzo Ricca performing “SPQR” – taken from The Rome Pro(G)ject II
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S.P.Q.R. by Vincenzo Ricca / Stephen Richard Hackett
p & c TRP Records 2016
Steve Hackett Electric and nylon guitars
Billy Sherwood Bass and Drums
Vincenzo Ricca Keyboards
Mixed by Riccardo Romano
Taken from the cd album The Rome Pro(G)ject II – “Of Fate And Glory”
Available for ordering in our shop
Special thanks to Steve Hackett and Jo Lehmann Hackett, Billy Sherwood, Ben Fenner, Roger King.
Promotional video directed and edited by Giorgio Clementelli
Steve Hackett playing acoustic guitar footage courtesy Micaela Ix
Produced by Vincenzo Ricca and Durateo Film – 2016

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